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I am learning peacefulness, lying by myself quietly... Donald Hall.  Do you have Questions? E-mail the herbal and flower essence pioneer directly.  Donald is the formulator for all our health products including the Deva Flower Remedies. Free Tips for Natural Health, Weight-Loss and Pain Relief! You can ease headache pain, reduce weight, control stress and anxiety, or support a natural pregnancy using flower essence remedies and herbal supplements. We manufacture over a hundred alternative health products, allowing each man or womans health needs and fitness goals to be addressed. We guarantee supplements you can believe in!

What are the best alternative therapy or health products for your individual needs? The first step in choosing a personalized health program is educating yourself with accurate time-tested information.

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It's important to remember that integrative alternative health is the future of health care, and is defined as giving the individual choices where previously there were none. It�s also important to realize that current alternative health and medicine products are often an evolution of traditional healing techniques from centuries before. Natural products for men and women's health, along with other alternative health products, have been used around the world for generations. Chinese traditional medicine, Native American medicine, Ayurvedic remedys, and Armenian herbal traditions each encompass many thousands of years of development. From those ancient traditions, modern herbal extract and alternative essence traditions have finally emerged in the West (based on the idea of health with flowers and the early bach essence research).

Today the alternative health products industry is an extensive mixture of health products, including: Homeopathic medicine, herbal remedy and flower essence products, natural health products for beauty, organic foods, blended herbal remedies and synthetic nutritional supplements, essential oils of flower therapy strength, natural healing herb teas, bulk herb supplement pills, sports boosting amino acid supplements, and many other natural remedies. The list is literally endless, and yet the choices ALL claim to be highly effective! Some state that they exclusively have the only herb cure. With our many years of experience, however, we have found that the truest mark of quality and efficacy in the alternative health products industry is, and continues to be, the test of time. Alternative Health Networks Incorporated prides itself on its leading-edge products and non-hyped herb remedies and flower essence selections that include some of the most tested and complex formulas in the industry. With over three decades of alternative medicine experience, our formulations and quality are second to none. We even guarantee it!

Every remedy and flower essence is covered by our 100% money-back guarantee. Simply return the product to recive a refund. Some conditions apply. Click Here for details.

Donald Hall, our founder, and our entire company stand behind each of our products. We have used the best materials consistently, which includes only organic or wild-crafted botanicals. Our commitment is and has always been to you, our customers. We always appreciate your comments or questions.

"Lastly, for those that have been asking, and in case you�re wondering, the delightfully tie-dyed man with the gray beard that is featured throughout this site is actually the founder and formulator of our two healing remedy lines. His inspiration in 1974 has developed into one of the most comprehensive blended liquid product lines in the world. Beginning with natural childbirth, a desire to boost the immune system with herbs, and to experiment with flower medicine, our selection has bloomed into everything you see on this site. Remember to visit often as we are continuing to develop this site in new novel ways. Enjoy." - Nova Hall

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Do you have questions, comments, or stories about any of our Deva Flower Remedies or Red Earth Herbal Drops?E-mail Nova, our customer service department.

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- Donald Hall

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An effective flower essence for anxiety and acute panic. Eases feelings of fear, worry, and dread.

Only $11.95
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"Fear carries a person farther than courage -- but not in the same direction!"

FREE Alternative Health Catalog

Two detailed natural remedy and flower essences brochures mailed directly to you.

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Fast headache pain relief. Supplies nutrients aiding in the elimination of migraine, stomach, muscle, and nerve discomfort

Only $12.95
On SALE for only $10.95
"A cloud cannot cast a shadow unless the sun is shining beyond it"


Successful natural herbal extract that helps prevent and eliminate parasites in the body. Excellent for pets too!

Only $12.95
On SALE for only $10.95
"Thank you for your help. Your herbal remedy worked wonders!" T.S. - San Diego


Clears mental strain holistically. Relaxes tense muscles and calms the mind, body, and spirit.

Only $11.95
On SALE for only $9.95
"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time"

ElectroBlast (12 Pack)


Only $8.99

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