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Herbal Remedy & Flower Essence Pioneer Donald Hall

Over the years, we have received hundreds of unsolicited written testimonials praising our products. In addition, we have received hundreds of stories over the years by phone and in person about how our Deva Flower Remedies or Red Earth Herbal Drops (formerly medicine wheel herbals) have changed our customer's lives. These are a few that stand out in our archives:


"I have tried your wonderful products, Deva Flower Remedies. I am in Scotland and can get Bach Flower Remedies easily enough, but I am interested in continuing the Deva. I cannot find them anywhere here and I hope you can send me 'Depression/Gloom' and 'Negative Influences' as I am getting excellent results with them."

-J.K., Glasgow, Scotland, England

"I want to thank you for the Deva Flower Remedies. I find your categories easier to relate to than the Bach categories . . ."

-L.S., Sacramento, CA

"My favorite remedy is extracted from flowers. It works in seconds, right in the middle of a panic attack and stops it cold. The combination flower remedy tincture I use is called 'Fearfulness'."

-N.A., Sheffield, MA

"I've had profound results with your Deva Flower Remedy 'Addictions.' I was hopelessly addicted to smoking, overeating, and coffee. These addictions (and habits) seemed to just melt away after almost two weeks and completely disappeared after 45 days! I will most assuredly tell all my friends about your wonderful work, and may God bless you for your dedication, and mostly, for your honesty in actually providing what's listed on the label."

-P.D., San Diego, CA

"A friend to whom I gave a few of the remedies told me today she feels much better. She hasn't had anxiety attacks, and she isn't depressed at all now. Thanks be to God, and thanks to you too, for making these remedies available. God bless you for helping troubled people."

-M.N., North Cambridge, MA

"I moved to Arkansas from San Diego last June and brought a supply of your 'First-Aid Remedy' with me. I have been using it for so many things and have given away so many bottles. I am fast running out. I can have my children in California mail me some more, but I would love to see it in stores here in Hot Springs . . ."

-E.F., Hot Springs, AR

"This week, while shopping, I came across 'Stress/Tension' and purchased two bottles. I can't explain the feelings, but there is a definite change, and I feel much better."

-B.K., St. Paul, MN

"We have been carrying your Deva Flower Remedies for the past year, and customer response has been very good."

-D.M., Vandalia, IL

"We have been using your Deva Flower Remedies for over two years now and really find help from them. I have an invalid husband and I've found your remedies are a big help through trying days - for both of us�"

-J.K., Sedona, AZ

"I'd like to tell you how much I love Deva Flower Remedies. I am using them for emotional problems and for PMS, with great success. I notice the difference when I forget to take them for a while. Please send 'Stress/Tension', 'Centering/Focus', and 'Depression/Gloom' as soon as possible as I am nearly out. Thank you."

-G.O., Akron, OH

"Your 'Fearfulness' remedy is the most powerful essence I have ever found. Please keep up the good work as you are needed more than ever�Thanks so much."

-K.B., Carlsbad, CA

"One day on my way home from work I could feel myself becoming very ill. My car developed an exhaust problem�By the time I got home I had a terrible headache, upset stomach, off balance, etc. I kept trying to think what I could take to help me feel better. I thought of the drops 'Radiation/Pollution'. I took some and immediately � the symptoms were gone. I went to bed and slept about 3 hours. When I got up I felt as if nothing had happened. I didn't feel sick anymore."

-D.M., Sedona, AZ

(formerly medicine wheel)

"Recently, a friend of mine who smokes 2 packs of Camel Straights a day told me about your product 'Nico-Free.' She said her habit had been cut to 6 cigarettes a day after taking the 'Nico-Free.' Where can I purchase this product?"

-D.W., Appleton, WI

"I recently purchased 'Wild Lettuce/Valerian' tincture to try for leg pain with [my] diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. With this comes insomnia, tiredness, and headaches. I find it really helps my leg pain."

-A.W., Freedom, PA

"I've got to say - your products are wonderful! Many of my customers have praised these herbal drops for their powerful properties."

-K.H., Fresno, CA

"I am a diabetic-hypoglycemic person for about 27 years, and one of my doctors (9 years ago) had recommended herbs to help with my condition. About 5 years ago, I found your 'Sweet Tooth Blues' remedy and have used them ever since. Taking these drops two times a day is as important as having my insulin shot every morning. My insulin count has dropped about 40% because of the herbs, and as you can see, these drops are very important to me. I must thank you very much for making my life as a sick person so much easier."

-S.O., Woodburn, OR

"When on a visit to another state, I found your Red Earth Herbal Drops at a natural foods store. I bought some to try and I'm very happy with the results. Where can I get more?"

-J.C., Houston, TX

"I bought some of your 'Serene' herbal drops at Harbin Hot Springs last year. It is fabulous. I had terrible period cramps and the drops just saved me. Where in San Francisco or Berkeley can I buy more?"

-C.F., San Francisco, CA

"Over the past year I have purchased 8 or 9 different kinds of Red Earth and Deva Flower products and have had very good results. Actually, I have found four of them to be outstanding and they have far exceeded my expectations of them.

" . . .I need your antispasmodic formula [Serene] for severe muscle spasms in my face resulting from TMJ. This formula is the only thing to give me relief. After two doses, the pain decreases. After five days, I was as good as new. Before using your formula the pain, at times, was so bad I wanted to die. Prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers [do] nothing. I cannot express fully how grateful I am for the products you make."

-T.G.O., Eastpointe, MI

"I have been using your products, and I have been losing weight faster than with other products I've tried in the past. Please send me a list of your distributors . . ."

-L.G., Pasadena, CA

"The 'Vision Booster' has helped my problem with conjunctival hemorroghes so much. Please send me another bottle . . ."

-N.P., University Park, PA

"As a newly pregnant person, I have been very impressed with your 'Pre-Motherhood' herbal drops which were given to me by a certified nurse midwife friend of mine. In my two previous pregnancies, by this point I would expect to be seriously nauseous with bouts of dizziness, headaches, and constipation. None of these symptoms have occurred so far in this pregnancy. (For me, truly a amazing situation!)"

-B.T., Brookfield, IL

"Recently, I had a chance to try one of your Herbal Remedies, 'Male Booster.' I was extremely satisfied with the results."

-M.B., Granada Hills, CA



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