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Our Mission:

Alternative Health Networks is dedicated to providing premium quality natural health products to all our customers. We maintain a conservationist view of botanical usage and promote the ethological and sustainable use of rare herbs in all our processing. Renewable botanicals and increased biodiversity have always been in the forefront of our company's philosophy.

Alternative Health product line in 1976 Alternative Health Networks was originally conceived of in the late 1960's because of the growing desire by hippy communities for alternative medicine. Initially started in San Diego County as the Medicine Wheel Family by its two co-founders, Don and Debra Hall, its humble beginnings date back to late 1973 with the creation of its first few products. Over the years, the dream of a holistic health company came to life with the number of products expanding yearly. Over time these products have become two distinct branded lines, nationally known for their quality and originality.

Herbal Remedy & Flower Essence Pioneer Donald HallDonald Hall formulated all our herbal medicine and flower essence products over the past thirty years. Our liquid herbals are rooted in the herbal traditions of many ancient cultures from around the world, while the composite flower remedies are based on newer flower essence research and homeopathic traditions. Combined, the two lines offer a well-balanced system of natural healing for the body and mind. As such, each proprietary formula is the result of many thousands of hours of research by Don over the past three decades.

Red Earth Herbal Drops (formerly Medicine Wheel Herbal Drops)

The Red Earth Herbal Drops bring together a unique grouping of specialty herbs gathered from all over the world for their medicinal use. Known for high potency liquid herbal extracts, our quality formulations combine the herbal traditions of Native American medicine, Aryveda medicine, Chinese medicine, Armenian medicine and modern herbal medicine. We also bring you a select number of single herbal extracts to balance your personal health choices.

The bulk of our herbs are organic, though we do use wild crafted herbs too. Generally, these are specialty herbs that are not grown on organic farms. As most herbalist know, the quality of ones liquid herbal extracts are directly linked to the quality of botanicals used (e.g. when they were harvested, how they are dried, organic vs. wildcrafted, etc.). We purchase the majority of our medicinal botanicals from a leader in the herbal industry (Starwest Botanicals) who monitors their own quality. Each shipment we receive is personally inspected and tested by our in-house herbalist before the medicinal herb enters the production process. Some rare and uncommon herbs are selectively purchased from independent organic farms nationwide whom are suppliers that we have known for many years.

Deva Flower Remedies

Our composite flower essence remedies are based on European traditions of homeopathy and the published research done by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's. Dr. Bach pioneered the use of 38 flower essences and one composite (blended) remedy that affect the mind and emotions through the reduction of stress in the body. Before he passed away, his published research showed that different essences had different effects on various types of stress. Since Don started gathering our first essences, over two hundred different flower essences have been collected throughout the years. These include essences from North American, Hawaii, Hawaii, and other South Pacific islands. Each flower essence is collected with the utmost concern for purity and made into mother flower essences for future blending.

The Deva Flower Remedies represent a distinct evolution in flower essence research. Each remedy is a composite, or blend, of five to eight flower essences. Combining all the English essences with American essences into a complete line of thirty-five remedies allows the general public to select a product with greater ease and greater effectiveness.

The Red Earth Herbal & Deva Flower Connection

Our two branded product lines include over seventy unique blended natural health products. Each remedy has been refined and tested over the years since 1974 to work together as a holistic and balanced healing program. By supplying the herbal nutrients that the body requires for optimum health and treating the stress/emotions behind the ailment or negative habit, the person can choose a customized program that supports their individual health goals. Thus the body and mind are both effected for an increased degree of success.

All our herbal & flower essence formulas are proprietary to Alternative Health Networks, Inc. All rights are reserved.

Alternative Health Networks, Inc. Management

Nova Hall (President/Website Development)

Nova Hall Nova Hall is the only son of the two co-founders. In 2000 he incorporated the company as Alternative Health Networks and brought a new youthful mindset to the company. Changing from the old Medicine Wheel brand, transitioning to new full-color labels, literature, and Point-of-Purchase displays, the company has intensified its goals to expand its market share while maintaining the quality and reputation it has built since 1974. Each product is still crafted by hand with the utmost care.

Nova Hall grew-up around the herbal & flower essence business and enjoys writing, speaking, marketing, and communicating with customers. He attended Northern Arizona University before stepping into the family business.

David Pashman (Marketing Director)

David Pashman David Pashman brings over 16 years of sales experience and marketing knowledge to Alternative Health Networks. In addition to over 15 years as an entrepreneur, he has knowledge of business administration, sales force training, and product branding. Since his time with the company, he has devoted his full time efforts to the growth of Alternative Health Networks.

David Pashman was a child actor in his teens and attended Rutgers University before entering his first business venture in the late 80's. He writes and speaks out on pain and pain management. His personal goal is to bring the tragedy of chronic pain into the forefront of public knowledge, since he too is a chronic pain survivor.

Donald Hall, Herbalist (Co-founder)

Donald Hall learned his craft from some of the most famous herbalists of this generation including Dr. Christopher, Ed Smith, White Deer, and many others. Don has well over three decades of personal experience as an herbalist and has an advanced knowledge of botany. Over the years he has and continues to build up his extensive library of traditional herbal medicine books and recent articles. He has also researched the work of Dr. Edward Bach extensively. He has collected an early and quite rare collection of Dr. Bach's original research.

In 1974 the first American essence that he gathered was Red Clover, which ultimately lead to others and a first of its kind composite flower essence line. Personally, he has collected over one hundred and eighty flowers and helped to pioneer the uses of many American flowers. Donald is currently working on his book, which will be published in the coming years based on this integrative medicine research.

Photograph of Donald & Debra HallDon was born in 1934 to Donald A. Hall Sr., designer and chief engineer of the Spirit of St. Louis with Charles Lindbergh. Trained in physics, aeronautics, and rocketry, he left that career behind in the late 1960's and took his first steps on his journey to become an herbalist in the hills of San Diego.

Debra Hall, PhD (Co-founder)

Debra Hall started the Medicine Wheel Family with Donald Hall in December of 1973. At that time, as a trained midwife, she encouraged Donald to attempt his first original composite remedy for women and childbirth. She then noted the results and the calming effects during labor. Since then, Smooth Birthing has been successfully used in thousands of natural pregnancies.

Later working as a harvester, manager, and marketer, she and the company grew as the product lines expanded. Debra received her doctorate in the 1990s in Transpersonal Physiology and is also working on a book in addition to editing Donald's manuscript.



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