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Successful natural herbal extract that helps prevent and eliminate parasites in the body. Excellent for pets too!

Thank you for your help. Your herbal remedy worked wonders! T.S. - San Diego
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It has been estimated that more than 50% of adults in North America have parasites, but few know they have them. While some parasites are beneficial to the proper functioning of our bodies, others are quite problematic. A portion of the medical community believes that the single most under-diagnosed health problem in the human population is related to parasites. The difficulty is determining the good from the bad, and preventing the beneficial from leaving our system.

Our Wormafuge� herbal remedy is a very effective lower bowel cleanser that acts as a powerful parasite cleanser. Depending on your practioners directions, when used over 60 to 90+ days, the organic and wild crafted herbs in this product will aid in detoxifying toxic residue without causing nausea or headaches.

Wormafuge� makes it almost impossible for worms and parasites to remain in the body. Specifically the organic and wild crafted herbs affect the stomach, intestines, other digestive related organs, and other parts of the body. This herbal remedy adds herbal nutrients into the bloodstream that make the body less inviting for parasites. While there are a number of beneficial parasites, this herbal remedy will help prevent a wide range of the worms, negative parasites, and eggs from remaining or growing in the body. Wormafuge� will cleanse the body of most parasitic organisms and their secretions, while supporting a healthy stomach and intestinal flora balance.

Wormafuge� is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Dosage: Adults weighing 130 to 150 lbs. may take twelve drops in liquid or directly, as needed, four times per day for twenty days or longer. For full eradication of any severe or long-standing parasite problems, we recommend that Wormafuge� be taken for at least sixty days. Teenagers may take � to � the adult dose, based upon weight. Pets: Cats - add 2 to 4 drops per day to water for 20 days. Dogs - add 4 to 20 drops per day to water, depending upon weight, for 20 days.

CAUTIONS: Do not use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Check with your health practitioner or mid-wife prior to taking any herbal remedy.

Ingredients: Wormseed, black walnut, fennel, quassia wood chips, cascara sagrada, rhubarb root, garlic, ginger, oregon grape, pumpkin seed, white oak bark, and cayenne in a 35% alcoholic aqueous solution.

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Successful natural herbal extract that helps prevent and eliminate parasites in the body. Excellent for pets too!

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On SALE for only $10.95
"Thank you for your help. Your herbal remedy worked wonders!" T.S. - San Diego


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